Monday, February 26, 2007


Hello Eagles!!

Yup, it is now officially the end of the holidays and thanks to God, we were able to kick-start the year or end the holidays with the bang, whichever way you look at it. Well, of course ideally it wouldve been good for EVERYONE to come, which is highly not possible especially during holidays but yeah, THANKS THANKS THANKS to everyone who made an effort to make it! I cannot express my thanks to you enough for making it what it was so thanks again la! Well anyway, it was sooooo good to see almost everyone back lastnight at church and of course with the addition to cell, our faithful friend Ingrid, who introduced us to her friend who is gonna join our cell too, weeeeeeee!

Anyway, once again, to those who came to torquay, I just wanted to thank you all for coming and for putting up with my disorganisation. Although, I did see it as an opportunity to improve my organising skills as it would come in handy this year. Thanks to Lee and Shiro for helping calculate the money, hahahha, yeah, I couldnt do it myself coz it was so complicated with everyone coming at different times. Well, Fionna, thank Amelia for me, as I have no way of contacting her. Anyway, wow, this thing sounds really boring, am I being too serious? Well, anyway, I dunno la, it was a good retreat. Haha, was quite funny how Welldy drives so fast, even in the Great Ocean Road! Well, you see, for those that weren't there we thought we could get to the 12 Apostles quickly but we were half way there after an hour of driving until we realised it was gonna get too dark! But yeah, I must say, those winding roads and tail-gaiters are not a good combination. It must have been the hardest driving of my life yet, especially with Welldy driving like that, me trying to keep up with him! Well, here are some photos that I took from the trip:).

Hope you enjoy!

Love you all dearly!


ps There are more but im confused with all this blog stuff....ill try again soon!


  • hello hello.....
    WOOHOOOO... so nice...
    i wish i were there...
    save another trip for me when i get back can?!?!?!
    cant wait to hear wat u guys did!!!!

    love lots esther

    By Blogger esty lokey, at 5:32 PM  

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